How we launched a wonderful internet business

Taking Mailman from idea to business — in five hours or less.
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The brief

Andrew Wilkinson had a problem: his email inbox was a dumpster fire.

To fix that, we helped him create Mailman. It never required more than five hours of his time.

Six weeks later, we helped Mailman launch the company’s flagship product.

From day 1, Mailman was built in public. This was effective in generating an initial waitlist of interested users.

The idea: a mailman for your inbox

Andrew realized the source of his inbox frustrations was the constant stream of new email. His ideal inbox would only deliver email in batches, a few times a day — like an old-timey mailman.

When Andrew shared his idea online, Mohit Mamoria, a developer interested in building it, got in touch. Andrew then introduced Mohit to the folks who would help him build and launch Mailman.

We worked with Z1 and Mohit to craft Mailman’s website. At the same time, we collaborated with Mohit to build a launch plan for Mailman.

Mailman's launch campaign generated a flood of initial sign ups, and converted 25% of those users into paying customers

Pre-launch: defining how and why

Mailman debuted to a pre-launch list, fostering valuable feedback and a foundation for the official launch. This feedback also facilitated more customer conversions.

We quickly learned that Mailman is a product that benefits from an explanation. This lesson became central to the product’s brand messaging and positioning, culminating in a video we created to explain Mailman’s “why” for its launch.

Mailman's launch campaign generated a flood of initial sign ups, and converted 25% of those users into paying customers

From idea to launch in six weeks

Six weeks after being introduced to DoubleUp, Mailman launched.

Mailman’s “why” was a hit with Product Hunt’s audience. The product’s story made a media splash. Within the launch cohort we fostered, nearly one in every three users became paying customers.

Our messaging, positioning, and email sequence continues to convince customers of Mailman’s value — simply by answering “why.”

"Working with DoubleUp was a phenomenal experience. They ensured Mailman's launch was a success, converting our first paying customers to generate thousands of dollars in MRR.
Mohit Mamoria
Co-founder & CEO, Mailman