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DoubleUp has helped startups and content businesses scale tens of millions of dollars in subscription revenue.
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why you're here

Your internet business can do better.

You have a product, audience, or content people care about. You know you can be doing more online, but you’re not sure how.
how we can help

We grow audiences and revenue.

Our approach to growth is simple: we develop a straightforward, repeatable formula for your business. Then, we double down on what’s working to help you reach new heights.

Attract Customers

Increase LTV

Build a brand moat






Customer Acquisition


Funnel Optimization

"DoubleUp helped us monetize The Drive and launch a profitable, fast-growing digital subscription business."


Leading physician & longevity expert, host of top health podcast The Drive
“DoubleUp are a crew of highly polished marketers that I trust immensely and plan to work with long term. When you work with them you're hiring skilled “adults in the room”. You can count on them to make tasteful, impactful decisions.”

Patrick Stanley

Founder & CEO of Freehold
"DoubleUp were invaluable to the successful re-launch of my premium membership. From analytics to messaging and creative direction, their experience helped turn my viable business into one that is thriving."

DR. Rhonda patrick, ph.d.

Ph.D. in biomedical science, founder of FoundMyFitness
"DoubleUp were crucial in helping Pitch take a number of challenging projects from ideas to reality, understanding the specific needs and style of our business and enabling us to have more impact, faster."

THom cummings

CMO, Pitch
"DoubleUp has been one of our secret weapons. We can hand them challenging business and marketing problems, and they deliver thoughtful, impactful ideas and solutions that help move us forward."

Daniel scrivner

Founder of MightyMaison, ex-head of Design at Square
"DoubleUp identified key growth levers for Pixel Union, and helped us accelerate revenue growth across our portfolio of e-commerce businesses.”


Co-founder & CEO, Pixel Union
"DoubleUp were instrumental in establishing Talk Money’s brand, making us stand out in Spotify's Top 10 Trending as we launched a scalable business for our podcast and media company."

Mesh Lakhani

Founder and host of Spotify Top 10 podcast Talk Money
"DoubleUp helped clarify our brand positioning across all areas of Z1's business. Being able to better communicate what we are (and are not) was foundational work that’s been enormously valuable in informing strategy and building systems that have helped us scale our business.


Founder & CEO, Z1
"Working with DoubleUp was a phenomenal experience. They ensured Mailman's launch was a success, converting our first paid customers to generate thousands of dollars in MRR."

Mohit mamoria

Co-founder & CEO, Mailman

Our Approach

We specialize in tasteful, high-impact marketing campaigns that build award-winning brands. Then, we build scalable systems to convert brand interest into recurring revenue.


We deep-dive into your business to develop a strategy focused on measurable outcomes that will grow the company now, and into the future.​


We build tasteful, timeless growth flywheels that drive revenue. There are billion-dollar startups still running the playbooks we built them 10 years ago.

Tasteful & Methodical

We don’t even consider spammy growth hacks that would harm your reputation. We’re focused on driving successful, long-term outcomes for wonderful companies.


We're data-driven: Working to identify the growth channels that will supercharge your business, then developing tasteful marketing to fit your brand.

Iterative & data-driven

The tactics that take a startup to product-market-fit aren't often the same that scale them up. Constant testing and learning helps us anticipate your changing needs.

Agile & Impactful

We're agile, operating in two-week sprints. This helps ensure growth moves in lockstep with product development and business operations.

Who we can help

We love working with content creators, subscription businesses, B2B SaaS, and most other kinds of wonderful internet businesses who have any of the following:

Raised Capital

Seed, Series A or beyond

You can be doing more with your internet product, audience, or content — but you’re not sure how.

Large Email List

A growing list of 50,000+

Vendors want to sell you on the next project or campaign. Partners want to see you succeed, again and again.


$50,000+ in MRR

If you need to develop a brand, are looking to scale, or your product needs to break through a plateau — we should talk.


A world-changing idea

If you need to develop a brand, are looking to scale, or your product needs to break through a plateau — we should talk.

some of our work


Launching a podcast monetization platform

From idea → product → business.
Read case study


Growing a premium podcast membership

A 413% increase in monthly recurring revenue.
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Why DoubleUp is Different

A tasteful approach
We meet your goals in a way that's thoughtful and authentic to your brand and story.

Minimum viable marketing
We focus on simple tactics that grow your goals. Everything else is a distraction.

Simple, straightforward growth
We don't hide behind complexity or jargon. You understand how and why it's working.

Repeatable, compounding value
Once your growth formula is proven, we scale its success with iterative improvements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?

We specialize in creating tasteful, high-impact marketing campaigns to generate interest, and building scalable growth systems to convert that interest into recurring revenue.

Strategy: To start engagements, we immerse ourselves in your business to define clear growth goals and developing a strategy to meet them.

Product launches: We treat every feature, content, or product launch as an opportunity to grow your revenue via coordinated, multi-channel campaigns.

Funnel optimization: We identify and test the best opportunities for growing your product. Most projects increase key conversion rates by 10%+.

Customer acquisition: We evaluate the best channels (paid, organic, and referral) to reach your target market and generate quality leads.

Content & SEO: We design high-quality content and automated processes that converts prospects into loyal customers.

Email marketing: We increase trust, loyalty, and new sales with personalized, conversion-driven email marketing.

What does the DoubleUp process look like?

Our growth partnerships unfold in 2-week sprints, allowing us to prioritize throughout engagements, and shift focus as needed.

A typical trajectory includes a minimum of 2 sprints of discovery, strategy, and brand storytelling work; followed by a series of sprints focused on marketing execution, experimentation, and ongoing optimization based on results.

What does a typical engagement look like?

Our typical growth partnership engagements include your own dedicated growth team on retainer, alongside a monthly bucket of execution hours that can be used toward a full spectrum of marketing efforts: from SEO and paid acquisition to brand messaging and conversion optimization.

When was DoubleUp founded?

Founded in 2018 by Aidan Hornsby and Andrew Wilkinson, DoubleUp started as the in-house growth partner for companies in the Tiny family. In 2019, we opened our doors to external clients.

Which marketing strategies are right for my business?

We begin by conducting market research to gain a deep understanding of our clients' target audience, competitors, and industry. We use this information to develop a custom growth marketing plan that is tailored to the specific needs and goals of your business.

How do you measure success?

We measure success by tracking and analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs) that are specific to your business goals.

These could include metrics such as website traffic, leads generated, conversions, and revenue. Ultimately growing revenue is our north star.

What type of clients do you work with?

We tend to partner with clients who fit one or more of the following criteria:

• Profitable, early stage business
• Have found product-market fit
• Have raised seed or venture funding
• Have an exciting product, or highly engaged audience
• A growing audience or email list of 50k+
• Monthly recurring revenue of at least $50k
• Seeking a long-term growth partnership

Do you have availability to work with us?

We’d love to connect and see whether we have availability to meet your needs.

We're typically booking 3–6 weeks out, depending on capacity.

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